Our desire is to be a church that walks in relationship with God,  continually makes disciples, lives together in community with other Christians, and strives to be faithful to honor and obey God. Since the beginning we have set out to love God, love each other, and love our neighbor.  We will never do any of those perfectly, but by God’s grace, He will continually refine our characters and this church to continually play our role in seeing God's grace and love spread throughout our city and the world.  We like to say this phrase a lot around here: Be faithful, available, and teachable.  We believe that if we can be that and continually meet week after week to ask the LORD to do something great in and through us as a church, He’ll do it. "For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God has prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them." (Ephesians 2:10)


The primary call of God for all Christians is to have a relationship with Him. God pursues us in order to have a love relationship with us. God wants to be with us. God’s name embodies it: Immanuel, God with us. God always initiates this relationship with man; it is never the other way around. Because we were made to personally know God, this relationship is man’s most necessary requirement in life and should be characterized by intimacy and not apathy. An alive, intimate relationship with God is our highest priority, calling, and source of joy (Acts 4:13, Matthew 6:33, Micah 6:8, Jeremiah 9:23-24, Deuteronomy 6:5).


Our desire is to take the Great Commission literally (Matthew 28:18-20).  God's solution to the problem of sin was to send His Son (John 3:16).  And once Jesus began His ministry, He called men to Himself. Dr. Robert Coleman said it succinctly in Master Plan of Evangelism, “It all started by Jesus calling a few men to follow Him. This revealed immediately the direction His evangelistic strategy would take. His concern was not with programs to reach the multitudes, but with men whom the multitudes would follow.”  We believe that discipleship is God's primary means for the Church in reaching and restoring a broken world.  (Mark 1:17, Mark 8:34, 2 Timothy 2:2,)


The church in Acts experienced a deep and abiding fellowship with God and one another. Through their steadfast commitment to the Word of God, fellowship with Him, and fellowship with each other, the church exploded throughout Jerusalem, Judea and eventually to the ends of the earth. Today, the early church is still our best example. They didn't think that being a part of a church meant sitting through a Sunday service.  To them, being a part of the church meant coming together regularly to learn, eat, pray, play, and share their lives together.  At Normandy, we meet every week throughout the city in Community Groups to do just that.  Sunday services are wonderful, but church really happens when we gather house to house in small groups learning how to love God, each other, and the community around us. 

Every human being was created by God with a foundational need to be known and loved just as they are.  Jesus said "By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”  We believe that one of the best ways we can transform our communities is by genuinely loving one another.  When that happens, and our neighbors, friends, and co-workers begin to experience an authentic culture of confession, transformation, friendship, forgiveness, power, and love springing up in the lives of normal people, they will inevitably be drawn to Jesus.  That is the nature of the Gospel.  It cannot be contained.  As we choose to steadfastly commit to living in Biblical community, not only will we have an abundant, rich life, but through our community, God will draw others to Himself.  (Genesis 2:18, Psalm 68:6, Matthew 24:14, Acts 2:24-47, 4:13, 5:13, 6:6, Romans 12:15, John 13:35).


Scripture often speaks of the faithfulness of God. When considering His steadfast love and kindness, patience, or mercy, God's faithfulness is clearly evident throughout all of scripture. He is faithful without end and the most consistent person we have ever known. Scripture teaches that He cannot be anything other than who He is - faithful.  He never changes!  While there are so many amazing characteristics of God, one of His characteristics that we would love to see most in our church is faithfulness.  Our desire is that every person at Normandy would one day hear, "well done good and faithful servant". (Psalm 33:45, 35:55 & 89:24, Lamentations 3:25, Matthew 23:23, 2 Timothy 2:13).