The Call of God

This week we hear from John Bower's Grandfather, Dr. Lester Collins, affectionately known as "PapaK" in the Bower family.  Dr. Collins has been preaching and teaching for 68 years and serves as the Pastor Emeritus from Tallowood Baptist Church in Houston.  Today he teaches us about 4 distinct calls that we recieve from God and the difference between our primary call as being Christians and obeying God in our everyday lives, and our secondary callings that direct us to be faithful to fulfill specific assignments that God has uniquely given to each of us.  The main passage used in today's message was taken from Romans 1.

Courage in the Midst of Uncertainty

When the Lord calls us to faith, He does so on the basis of His character.  Even though in the midst of answering His call, we may feel uncertain and fearful, we can have courage because of His great love for us.  God loves us and love always seeks to good of the loved one.  Therefore, because of God's great love for us, we can walk with courage in the midst of uncertainty.  The main passage used in this message was Joshua 1:1-9.

Fear Not, Stand Firm, and See

Joshua Sorrows continues our series, Faith and Fruit.  Today's message is from Exodus 14:10-22 and focuses on the faith of Moses. Faith cannot always be seen in the natural things around us.  Often, faith is not reasonable, rational, or logical.  A spiritual lens of faith must be in focus for us to see beyond the surface and know what God is doing in our midst.  

By Faith

Joshua Sorrows leads off a new sub-series entitled, Faith and Fruit, to expound on this year's vision of Devotion, Offense, and Fruitfulness.  He draws from Hebrews 11:1-16 and explains what faith is, and who our faith is built upon, namely, the character and nature of an unchanging God. "Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen." Because our hope is set on eternity with God, we can live with assurance in the promises of God regardless of whether we see them fulfilled or not during our time on earth.  He is faithful and will ultimately fulfill His Word.