Two Marks of a Disciple


Today we went through Mark 6:7-13.  Jesus sends His disciples out two by two, giving them authority, power, ability, and strength to accomplish His mission.  Jesus then faithfully provides them with all that they need along the journey to fulfill their assignment of preaching and doing ministry.  John shows us two marks of a disciple that are universal for all Christians.  The first is to be submitted to Jesus.  This means that we love, trust, and obey Him from our hearts and through our lifestyles.  The disciples took Jesus' mission to seek and save the lost upon themselves entirely.  The second mark of a disciple is possessing purpose.  The men following Jesus knew exactly where to go and what to do.  They were men sent out by God, on mission with a purpose to accomplish the assignment. This comes through relationship with Him.  What we see then is the same for us today, that the greater measure of our submission to those whom God has placed over us and the more we know and love Jesus, the more He releases us into a greater personal purpose.