John the Baptist and Herod, Part Two


This week we return to our series on The Gospel of Mark, The Call of Discipleship.  Pastor John continues the passage on John the Baptist and Herod.  Herod, a prominent ruler of the region, is in open rebellion against the moral law of God.  John the Baptist is imprisoned for calling Herod to repentance.  Today Pastor John addresses what we can learn from Herod and John the Baptist in Mark 6:21-29. John teaches us from Herod's life how passivity can lead us to destruction. He then teaches us from John the Baptist's life that suffering is often a part of the christian life and how to suffer well while being obedient to Christ.  John explores the often uncomfortable, and even offensive effect the call to obey the will of God has on the world. Each man has a responsibility to take up his cross and follow Jesus.