Wired Session Four: The Gospel

In the final session of Wired, Peter Louis teaches us about the true nature of the Gospel.  The gospel is not just about being forgiven or about receiving eternal life in Heaven, it is about God himself coming to live within us.  God's power always has the ongoing purpose of saving us and delivering us from the effects of the fall of man.  The gospel is the power of God.

Peter Louis is passionate about seeing the Church mature into her identity as the redeemed, powerful, spotless Bride of Jesus Christ. He longs to raise up a generation that would wholeheartedly believe the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation for all who believe.  www.braveheartministries.org 

Wired Session Three: The Day of Trouble

In the third session of Wired 2016, Michael Miller teaches about cultivating a culture that is centered on the presence of God and encountering His love and power.  Michael shares from the Gospel of John about trouble, what it is, and how to respond.

Michael Miller is the lead pastor of Upper Room in Dallas, TX. Upper Room started on Passover in April of 2010. After Passover, a dozen people began praying on Sunday nights for the city of Dallas to see Jesus pour out his Spirit in love and Power. Michael and Upper Room have a heart to see heaven's realities become a norm in the city of Dallas.

Wired Session Two: The Greatest Commandment

In the second session of Wired 2016, John Bower delivers a passionate plea to open our eyes to the needs that we each have individually, the needs within the church, and the needs within the world for a church that is emotionally and spiritually satisfied by God through intimacy with Him. 

John Bower is the lead pastor of Normandy Church.  He felt a call from God in 2009 to plant a church in Dallas with his friends and family.  John has a passion to have people experience the Father's heart and to see men and women become disciple-makers.

Wired Session One: Steve Hardin

In the first session, Steve Hardin takes us deep into the heart of the Father.  We see that His love is unlike any other and that when we encounter that love, we are healed, transformed and empowered to love like He does.

STEVE HARDIN is the campus pastor of Village Church at the Dallas Northway Campus.  He is a man with an enormous father heart and passion for Jesus.  If you know anything about Steve you know he's glad to be with you.