God's Rhythm in Marriage

Pastor John Bower follows up on last week's teaching from Ephesians 5 on God's design for marriage with this week's message on how to practically live in God's rhythm of marriage of oneness.  John opens up with Isaiah 58:11 as a picture of what God wants to do in our lives and specifically in our marriages:  And the LORD will guide you continually and satisfy your desire in scorched places and make your bones strong; and you shall be like a watered garden, like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail.  God's desire is for our marriages to be spiritually, emotionally, and physically intimate in every facet of life.  (Scriptures from this message: Isaiah 58:11, Genesis 2:7 & 18-24, Matthew 6:33, Colossians 1:17-18, 1 Peter 3:5, Proverbs 5:18-19)