A Normandy Family Member is a Son or Daughter of God who makes it their
aim in life to advance God’s kingdom on earth.
This is the driving force that pushes us to be the church God is calling us to be.

Joining Normandy is a process of becoming “all in” with the family:

Step 1:

Attend a Foundations Class to learn the beliefs that are foundational to the Normandy family.

Foundations Classes
First Sunday of each month
12:30 p.m. - 2:-00 p.m.
*Lunch is provided, but RSVPs are required

Step 2:

Being all in with the Normandy family means attaching, serving, and giving to body.





Attach to a Normandy Group, Discipleship Group, or Ministry Team.

Serve on a Sunday Team.

Give of your tithes and yourself to the mission and vision of Normandy.

Step 3:

Seek a discipleship relationship.

Making disciples is the mission of Normandy, and being all in with the Normandy family means being committed to a discipleship relationship where you are (1) learning to follow and obey God, (2) following another as they follow God, and (3) reproducing discipleship relationship with someone else.

Step 4:

Invite others to enter His presence and pursue His people.


The family of Normandy has been marked with the characteristic of inviting. Being all in as a Normandy family member means owning your relationship with God and with our church, and inviting others to enter into it with you.