Group Guides

We have put this structure in place for the simple reproduction and the growth of the group members and development of future leaders.  Some of the sections may be new to you or not part of your strengths.  That’s ok!  Getting into a routine and cultivating personal confidence and strengths takes time.  Part of leading in teams and having a group to delegate to will allow each person to discover and build upon their gifts and strengths in a safe environment.  The Guides below are an effort to assist in this process.

There are several main sections within our Group structure (Primary Guides).  These are not just suggestions, but they each serve a fundamental role in the process of forming a strong community and fulfilling our Group's mission statement. 

The Secondary Guides are helpful for planning for other events or components of Community Group life... like Snacks!  

Here is the structure we have put together for a usual Group.  The times are just handrails to give you a grid for the typical flow of the evening.  You can download the pdf version here.



6:50   Arrive.  Set up and welcome.            

7:00   Hang out  (5-10 minutes)

7:10   Ice Breaker  (5 minutes)

7:15   Vision / Holy pep-rally  (2-3 minutes)    

7:20   Pastoral Care and Prayer.  This can also be used as a time for accountability or sharing testimonies from the previous week  (10-15 minutes depending on needs and testimonies) (consider doing this in groups of 2 or 3 to save time and to ensure that everyone shares how they are doing). – Play a song in the background during this time & conclude by transitioning into time of worship. 

7:30   Worship or Prayer Walk / 2 to 4 songs - Play 2 songs on DBS nights.  (15-30 minutes)


7:45   DBS - Write it out.  - Pass out the sheets and read the passage out loud together. Take time to write out the passage in their own words.  Once finished, break into groups of 2 or 3 and have them practice.  (15 minutes)

8:00   DBS - What does this say? - Have each person answer the Discovery Questions on their sheets.  (10 minutes)

8:10   DBS - Discussion - Discuss the answers from everyone’s Discovery Questions.  Try to narrow them all down into one or two main discoveries.  If you have a big group, considering doing this part in groups of 3 to 5 and then share the group's discovery.   (30 minutes)

8:40   DBS - Response Time - Have each person answer the Obedience Questions on their sheets.  “Holy Spirit, if this is true and the word is living and active, how do you want me to respond to this?”  (10 minutes)

8:50   DBS - Application for Obedience: Plan and Pray - What is your plan?  Choose at least two people to share your discovery with.  Someone within your group and someone outside of the church.  Write their names down.  End by breaking up and praying for each other.  (10 minutes) 

Secondary Guides

8. Outreach (Evangelism, Neighborhood parties, etc.)  
9. Snacks & Hosting (Hospitality)
10. Breaking Bread (Sabbath Meals, etc.)

11. Prayer Walks (In place of Worship)
12. Fun