Church Family,

What a wonderful weekend! I was so pleased at the turnout and the initial feedback we’ve received from our body about the CRC Conference. As your pastor (what? I am still not used to that title!) I can honestly say it was one of my favorite moments in the history of our young church. As one friend told me afterwards of his experience, it was “true community building”. I couldn’t agree more. 

Now the question is, “what do we do now?” Out of our desire to pastor and provide support to the men and women at Normandy we have a follow up survey we want each of you to fill out. Your voices matter as each will provide insight on the next steps as a church. Would you take a minute to fill out the survey so that we can know as leaders how to better serve you now and in the future.

Again, thank you for your time and effort to be there. Our hope is that this biblical lifestyle of removing aloneness from the lives of men and women will be norm for our church and will extend into our community for the glory of God!

More Grace!


2014 CRC Survey

Name *
Phone *
Conference Feedback //
What was your overall satisfaction with teachings and topics covered? *
This was our first conference to host. How did you feel about the level of preparedness, professionalism, and overall execution of the event? *
If Normandy hosted this conference next year, how likely would it be for you to attend again? *
Follow Up care //
The CRC staff always says that the most important part of these times of training is what happens afterwards. Are you interested in additional follow up, emotional care, or processing with either an elder at Normandy or someone from the Center for Relational Care? *
The conference was more or less an introduction to emotional care and Intimacy Therapy. How open are you to being placed in a weekly small group (of either 2-3 other couples or individuals) to further process and practice what we learned? *
This would similar to an "intensive", but spread out over 4 to 6 weeks with people in your community.
Are you interested in attending a CRC Intensive with some people from Normandy? *
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