The Love We have Received

“Turn our hearts to you, eternal Father, and grants that, seeking always the one thing necessary and carrying out works of charity, we may be dedicated to your worship. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.”

The Saturdays of Lent have an uplifting quality. Tomorrow is Sunday, the day we meet to join with our brothers and sisters in fellowship. Today we remember our covenant with God, our new way of living, that God Himself offered to us. This covenant, which started in Genesis, calls us to be a blessing to the world. Thanks to the reconciling sacrifice of Jesus, we can uphold this covenant.

Loving others as we have been loved is the method of this message. We are overwhelmed with Grace and are compelled to do something about it. We are to be pure in our love, perfect as our Father is perfect, in order to be a dramatic change in the way of the world.

If we are dedicated to worshiping the risen Savior through our love for our neighbor, we are fulfilling our end of the covenant. We have been promised inheritance and have the opportunity to be a blessing for all people. Today we reflect on the love we are to have for others, remembering the love we have received.

Prayer points  //  Pray to be used today. Pray to be aware of God’s love and signs of His work in your life.

Scripture Mediation  //  Matthew 5:43-48; Genesis 12:1-3