Taking the Land

This past Sunday we announced our new location and meeting time. Starting on September 8 at 5 PM we will be meeting at Scofield Memorial Church. Today we wanted to cast a little vision and give a reminder as to why Scofield.

Lake Highlands

At the beginning of the year, I spoke about our vision as a church and where the leadership feels like God is calling us to ultimately be long term, which is Lake Highlands.  As Bill Hybels said, "vision leaks".  In moving to Scofield we need to be reminded of what God has called us to do.  The first reason is that we believe God is leading us to this neighborhood. Remember our name, Normandy. Before the allies invaded Normandy they picked a entry point and gained a foothold there.  The second reason is that at the beginning of the year we felt as though the Lord impressed upon our hearts that this would be a "year of positioning"... Specifically, that God wanted us to be positioned to take the land. Not only that, during our time of prayer, Scofield came to my mind as a place to pursue.

If we had a tag-line, it would be "Making disciples and taking the land".  The landing point for us is Lake Highlands and Scofield aligns with where we believe the Lord wants us to go. It will give us a place to care and train our kids, provide a place to facilitate our training school, Basic (that is not my living room!), and positions us within the community the Lord has called us to serve.  This was a clear decision because it aligns with our vision and mission.


One of the biggest changes coming is moving from 10 AM to 5 PM on Sundays. So again, the questions is "why?"

One of the primary reasons is that this will be the best time for Scofield. We want to be a blessing to them and not a burden and feel that this is in the best interest of Scofield.

Secondly, we believe this is the best choice for our kids. One of the main reasons we want to meet at 5 is to have the space to care and train our children. Our kids are "arrows in our quiver" (Psalm 127) and are a massive part of our church. Meeting at 5 will allow us to do better care for our kids and train them in righteousness.

Finally, we want to honor and bless Criswell for their generosity and availability to us as a church. I will look back with fondness on these first 18 months!

Thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement.  We couldn't do this without you!

Grace and Peace!  (and Vision or Die!)
Pastor John