Someone Cares & Forgotten Fathers

Yesterday John mentioned two local ministries that have had a tremendous impact on both men and women who have in some way contributed to an abortion.  Lulie Thomas with Watermark Community Church runs their ministry for women called Someone Cares

Someone Cares is a post abortion restoration ministry. Our heart is to reach those who have been hurt by past abortions. Our goal is to see you fully restored to fellowship with God, and for you to know that you are forgiven. Participants are women from all walks of life. Some have had one abortion, while other have had multiple experiences. They are single or married and of all ages. This very special group is designed to free vicitims of abortion from guilt, shame and bitterness.

Watermark also has a ministry for men, Forgotten Fathers:

Forgotten Fathers is an organization dedicated to helping men emotionally and psychologically recover from a past and present abortion decision. Forgotten Fathers provides a safe place for men to share and discuss their feelings about their role in a past abortion. Unfortunately, millions of men in the United States as well as across the globe have experienced the pain that abortion can cause.