Normandy Kids Supplies

We have received several requests from some of you about how you can contribute to suppling our kid's ministry.  Thank you!  We've said it so many times lately, but I never hurts to say it again.  Thank you for being such a great church... You've always been eager to serve and contribute to each other and the church.

Kasey has put together a pinterest page with links to a ton of stuff.  She asked me to pass this on to you all... "Please let them know that we do not need these items to be new. I just found examples of what we need and they are free to purchase them from garage sales, second hand stores, etc.  And, just to be clear, we would love to have these items as soon as possible!  Thank you!"

Please contact Kasey at and let her know if have purchased something so she can remove it from the list of items.