Beginning this Wednesday, we will post blog entries drawing from the Book of Common Prayer and Drew's personal reflections on the Lenten season.  At the end of each entry there will be prayer points and scripture references for the whole church to use in our own personal times of study, devotion, and reflection leading up to the cruxifiction and a day celebrated by God's people everywhere, Easter.

My name is Drew Crowson and I go to Normandy. I'm a 2011 graduate of Denver Seminary with a Master's degree in Christian Spiritual Formation and Soul Care. The spiritual disciplines excite me like nothing else on earth because I know how much they can be used by God to set a soul ablaze for Him. Lent has been one of the most formational disciplines for me every year. I am constantly amazed at how much I get out of these 40 days of prayer, fasting, and sacrifice.

Growing up, I didn't hear a lot about Lent. In fact, it wasn't until I was in seminary that I truly understood what it was and what God was doing through this season. Throughout history, Christians have found the Lenten sacrifice as a way to draw close to the God who is always there. Traditionally, the supplicant goes without something for the entire 40 days from Ash Wednesday to Easter, not including Sundays. Joining billions of fellow Believers in this traditional season of reflection and contemplation is our privilege as Christians.

I encourage you to take seriously your participation in this. Ask for God to show you something in your life you need to remove in order to see Him more clearly. Personally, I am giving up eating out unless with someone, I am giving up food entirely on Wednesdays, and I am giving up meat on Fridays. This is my Lent. For your Lent, find something that fits what God has been teaching you this year or something you feel convicted to remove from your life. You will be amazed at how much impact this can have on your journey. God is there waiting for you, fasting just helps reveal Him to us.