It is Finished!

On Holy Saturday, there is no liturgy. Instead we spend the day reflecting on the reality of the physical death of Christ. We keep this day holy and contemplative, in order to fully recognize the effect this event has had on our lives. On this day, we wait at the Lord’s tomb, anxious and nervous in anticipation of the night and day to come. Some churches hold vigils all night in prayer, longing for the sun-rise of Easter.

Place yourself in the disciples shoes. Peter is ashamed of his denial. The rest are in hiding, afraid of what the Jewish and Roman rulers might do to them. They are scared, confused, and have no idea what to do. Their hero, leader, teacher, and friend is dead. They watched Him die.

Tomorrow, Lent is over. Tomorrow, the world is changed forever. Tomorrow, we participate in the great Easter Mystery. We remind ourselves of our own resurrection from death to life. We remind ourselves of our call to live Easter in this world. Today, however, we reflect on the very real death of our Savior. It is finished!

Prayer points  //  Give thanks for the death of Christ and for your forgiveness. Give thanks for the enduring love of God.

Scripture Mediation  //  Psalm 139 (especially 139:8), Matthew 27 & 28