Giving Sunday | Taking the Land

Our name finds its roots in history - D-Day and the largest invasion in history. We hope our name is a prophetic word picture for how we live our lives. Like the soldiers of the Normandy invasion, we hope to live life in such a way that others would be set free with the Good News. And like the allies chose Normandy to set up a beachhead, we believe this building and neighborhood of Lake Highlands represents our beachhead - a place to launch ministry into the community.  

Here are some renderings done by Michael Gooden of M Gooden Design to create a visual for what we hope the space looks like:

Entrance -  M Gooden Design

Entrance - M Gooden Design

Lobby Area -   M Gooden Design

Lobby Area -  M Gooden Design

Attitorium -   M Gooden Design

Attitorium -  M Gooden Design

We recently shared information during our Sunday services about 9660 Audelia, our process and the strategy involved. If you missed the message you can find them below. 
John Bower | Time to Rise | August 7th
Jerry Williams | Life in the Kingdom | August 21st

Click the buttons below to download copies of the documents handed out this month about the vision of Normandy and financial information about the building.