Discipleship Books

This past Sunday, Preston taught on Discipleship and how often times we hesitate to engage in discipleship relationships with other believers because we simply just don't know what to do. We often need a structure in place to help facilitate meaningful conversations that ultimately help to serve in training Christians to actually live the Christian life. He defined Discipleship as the following:

Intentionally training someone to follow and obey Jesus in order to reproduce the values of the Kingdom* in the life of someone else.

After several months of research and prayer, we landed on these books. Our desire is that Normandy would be a disciple-making church, constantly reaching out to and making disciples of the next generation. We hope that these books will not only help us know God better and cultivate His values in our lives, but help us to continually be effective and fruitful in the knowledge of Christ. If you would like to purchase the set of books, click the image below. Also consider going in on it with some others in the church just to cut down on shipping. You can read a summary of each book below.

Jesus Christ offers abundant life for everyone who asks. But how does a person receive Christ’s life? This book clearly explains how. The first chapter, Finding God, explains how to have a personal relationship with Jesus. The subsequent chapters equip the believer to live a fruitful Christian life. It teaches on prayer, Bible study, Christian fellowship, receiving a new identify, obeying Christ’s commands, and administrating God’s resources.

Jesus said “you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32). More and more need this freedom. People are increasingly bound by bitterness, chemical addictions, and other strongholds. Encounter! Receive Christ’s Freedom reveals how to be set free through Jesus Christ. This book begins by teaching how forgiveness is the only way to overcome hurt and resentment. It then instructs on how both forgive and receive forgiveness. Encounter! then guides the believer to receive inner healing, freedom from bondage, and other debilitating strongholds. This book not only helps to remove sin hindrances, but it also shows the believer how to receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit and then to walk in the Spirit. This is a great book to give to a believer who needs Christian victory.

Jesus Christ wants every Christian to grow in a deeper relationship with Himself. Yet so many people stagnate in the Christian life. Grow! explains how to have a daily quiet time in order to know Christ intimately and grow to maturity. This book offers plenty of practical help for turning the “chore” of devotions into a life-changing, joy-producing habit. Grow! outlines clearly how to seek God in the quiet time and explains the amazing benefits of experiencing God on a daily basis. With this helpful and enthusiastic book, a person can have a quiet time that is much more than opening a Bible and saying prayers. It will be a time of experiencing the living God—a time of communion with the King.

The gospel is the best news on the face of this earth. Many believers, however, don’t have a clear understanding of what that good news is nor how to share it. Share! offers practical insights to help a believer boldly proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to friends, neighbors, and loved ones. This book is not only designed to equip a believer individually to share his or her faith, but it also instructs a small group how to witness to those outside the Christian faith. Share! will especially help believers develop relationships with non-Christians by following the example of Jesus Christ, who was a “friend of sinners.”

Small groups are leader breeders. Jesus formed his twelve disciples in a small group atmosphere. The best way to become a disciple of Jesus Christ, in fact, is to disciple others. Lead! explains how to facilitate a small group and to grow in the process. This book highlights key small group dynamics that will give the leader confidence in facilitating others. People are longing for community and this book reveals how to find it in the small group atmosphere. Lead! shows a potential leader how to develop new leaders to continue the process of discipleship.