Community Groups Defined

Last Sunday Preston taught on 2 Peter 1:3-11 as a foundation for why we meet each week in houses across Dallas.  Taken from his sermon notes, he defined Community Groups as the following:

A committed group of Christians that gather together for the purpose of demonstrating and transferring the values of the Kingdom* to one another, the unchurched, and the unbelieving in order to see the gospel advanced in their neighborhoods through salvation and multiplication.

In light of this definition and God's desire for us to be effective and fruitful in life and as a church (2 Peter 1:8), we changed the wording of our vision for meeting each week in Community Groups:

To Love, Worship and Glorify God
To Equip the Saints for Ministry
To Advance His Kingdom

To listen to Preston's sermon on Community Groups or to download an outline of the sermon detailing each point listed above, go here