Church-wide Fast: Prayer points

Below is a prayer guide to help you effectively make the most of our church-wide fast starting tonight at 6pm.  Let's press into God over the next few days and expectantly ask for His Kingdom to come and His will to be done in our hearts and in this church.


Sunday Night //

Position: We are fasting to position and humble ourselves to hear from Him. We are fasting to cultivate a hunger and passion for God by crucifying our flesh.

Prayer Request: God I humble myself and position myself to hear from you my King. Would you speak to me, to my family, to my community and to my church leaders? Father would you renew our minds and stir our hearts to hunger more for you than any other thing?

Psalm 62:1-2; 5-8
1 Peter 5:6-7
Isaiah 58
2 Chronicles 7:14
Deuteronomy 8:3

Monday Morning //

Passion: We are fasting to increase our hunger and passion for God.

Prayer Request: Father would you give us a passion for Jesus to rule and reign over me, my family, my community and my church? Show us who you are that we may be reminded of your great grace and glory.

Psalm 27:4; 7-8
Exodus 33:17-23

Monday Lunch //

To Love, Glorify & Honor God: That this would increase in our homes, families, community groups, and our church.

Prayer Requests: Father, let Normandy, our families, our Community Groups and our pastors be known as a people who love, glorify and honor you as God. You and you alone are God! Be exalted in our midst! Be exalted in our families and businesses and lives!

Psalm 18:1-3
1 Chronicles 29:11-12
Matthew 6: 9, 33

Monday Evening //

To Equip the Saints for works of ministry: We want everyone in our church to know their God given purpose, calling and gifting

Prayer Request: Father, would you sovereignly distribute your gifts and may your purpose be established in our homes, households and our domains. May Normandy be a church that cares for one another through the individual gifts. May the men and women of our community walk in their God given, predestined purpose! Let us accomplish ALL the work that you gave us to do. Show me, my family, and my community our individual and corporate purpose.

Ephesians 2:10
John 17:4
1 Corinthians 12:4-7
1 Corinthians 14:12

Tuesday Morning //

To Advance His Kingdom: We want God to move in the city of Dallas through our church. We want the lost, broken, hurting and wounded to find grace and peace at the foot of the cross. That His Kingdom would come and will would be done in our church.

Prayer Request: Father, please advance your kingdom through Normandy by salvation and discipleship. Let your kingdom come and your will be done through our families, our Community Groups and our church. Would you be pleased to let Normandy take back the land that the enemy has stolen? Would you let the church grow through salvations?

Matthew 28:19-20
Matthew 6:10
Isaiah 58:1

Tuesday Lunch //

New Location: Normandy is growing (thousands of babies) and we have a need for more space that fits our needs; specifically for our children.

Prayer Request: Father, you know our needs and told us to make our requests known to you. You care for us and You have a hope and a future for us. You give good gifts to those who ask you. Would you give us a space that we can use? Provide us a location that will help us care for our children and that we can use to influence our neighborhoods? Would you help our leaders find this place?  You have an endless supply of what we need. We look to you Father!

Philippians 4:19
Isaiah 54:2-3
Matthew 6:25-33
Matthew 7:7-11