During yesterday's sermon on 1st John 2:18-27, John talked about the word anointing found in 1 John 2:20 & 27. Strong's concordance describes this anointing (chrisma) as signifying "an anointing which had been experienced, a communication and reception of the Holy Spirit."

What was this experience that Grandpa Pastor John (the beloved Apostle, not John Bower) was talking about to his church? We can see an instance during Paul's journey to Ephesus in Acts 19. John Bower expanded on this, saying that the church in Ephesus had an anointing from God, an experience with the Holy Spirit that would not only give them great assurance of their salvation, but also help them persevere in the faith. To bring clarity on what this could look like for us today, he quoted an illustration of this experience from theologian, Martyn Lloyd Jones, referenced in a blog by John Piper: 

A man and his little child are walking down the road and they are walking hand in hand, and the child knows that he is the child of his father, and he knows that his father loves him, and he rejoices in that, and he is happy in it. There is no uncertainty about it all, but suddenly the father, moved by some impulse, takes hold of the child and picks him up, fondles him in his arms, kisses him, embraces him, showers his love upon him, and then he puts him down again and they go on walking together.  

That is it! The child knew before that his father loved him, and he knew that he was his child. But oh! the loving embrace, this extra outpouring of love, this unusual manifestation of it—that is the kind of thing. The Spirit bearing witness with our spirit that we are the children of God"

That's our prayer!  That Normandy would experience this - The love of God shed abroad in our hearts (Romans 5:5)!