Staff Sunday

Normandy’s vision is that we would love people and carry His presence and purposes into our homes, communities, nation, and the world. We believe it is not only possible, but that it is happening. We want to partner with God to bring people into His presence.

In order to live out our vision, we must have healthy leaders and staff. The behind-the-scenes work, preparation, organization, planning, and implementation of all the moving parts that make Sundays and ministries and pastoral care happen take a sacrificial amount of effort, energy, and focus from the people on our staff. On July 1st, Normandy will implement Staff Sunday. It will be one Sunday per year where the staff and the leadership enjoy a Sunday to rest from the sunday tasks, reflect on all that God has done, and recharge to pursue the vision.

On this day, we envision that our staff will take time to breathe, spend time with family, rest, relax, maybe be filled spiritually at another church, or otherwise be poured into so that they may continue to lead Normandy well. Having a time for staff to rest, reflect, and recharge is critical to maintaining healthy leadership.

In order to effectively lead and support the people of Normandy, the staff and leadership must be healthy and well. Supporting their health in this way will ultimately lead to stronger, better leadership.

Please feel free to contact any of the leadership should you have any questions.