Launch. An adventurous opportunity to faithfully follow the Lord and partner with Him to bring more of the Kingdom to Lake Highlands.

From now until Commitment Sunday (5/6) , Normandy leadership is asking that you would do three things. First, pray. Pray about your role in supporting the Launch giving campaign financially.

Second, ask. Ask the Lord what he wants you to give; in this way we exercise our faith, trust, and obedience.

Third, give. On Sunday, May 6th, bring to church your commitment card, one time pledge, and know your monthly commitment amount.

The following is a interview-like conversation between Matt and Rachel Clarke about their experience last year, during a giving push for a Lake Highlands space.

For context, he teaches high school, she is the resident church lady, and their pennies are pinched even outside giving campaigns.

Matt: “So, last year we had an experience in giving to the building campaign and this is how it went for us.” *Points to Rachel*

Rachel: “Oh, you want me to start, ok. [Normandy] was doing a building campaign last year and we (as a couple) were praying about what to give and I waited on the Lord and a phrase kept echoing back to “work for free.” The Lord wanted me to give my paycheck back to the church. So, when Matt and I sat down to talk about what we felt led to give, Matt came back with a number and I told him what the Lord had shared. We went with my number because it was higher than Matt’s.”

M: “For you, what is the heart or vision behind Launch?”

R: “For me, the vision is not really about the building. I think I shared some of this on Sunday. The building will be wonderful. And mostly the building will be wonderful because I believe it’s what the Lord is calling us into as a Body. For me, it’s about partnering with the Lord and being part of what He’s doing in the Kingdom and wants to do Lake Highlands.”

M: “Right, yeah. One of the things I remember you saying was that it's a big deal not because of the building, but because when the Lord invites you into a chance or an opportunity to partner with Him and serve the Kingdom, that’s when we see what ‘on Earth as it is in heaven’ looks like. On Sunday, you repeated the idea of partnership, of partnering with the Lord, a couple times. To me, being a partner with the Lord suggests that we faithfully put our work and His work together, believing that He will multiply it, expand it, and use it in ways that we can’t even envision outside of His presence. In doing that, we’re demonstrating that we can’t, and don’t really want, to do it on our own. Because we know with Him it will be better, deeper, and more impactful and transformative.”

R: “That’s true. What is something that you learned from last year’s giving campaign that you would want people to know this year?”

M: “I’m a lot like Jonah. Begrudgingly obedient. One of the biggest things that stood out to me from last year is that my walk with the Lord is imperfect and my heart’s willingness to give is also imperfect. And despite that, the Lord is faithful and kind. I am overwhelmed by the generosity of the Lord and how his provision contrasts with my generosity. However, He is able to use everything and that makes me want to do more and because of our experience last year, I feel like I can be more generous because of how He took care of us.”

M: “My next question to you is: as people are praying and processing and waiting on the Lord, what advice or encouragement would you give people?”

R: “I have two things. The first thing I would tell people is to trust the Lord and trust that you can hear the Lord’s voice. One is that from following the Lord in the last 10ish years, I have gone from being afraid of the jump to being afraid of missing the jump. To me, that means when I first started following Jesus, I realized He was kind and He taught me to jump in small ways - in spending time with Him, in loving others. In those areas, I began experiencing abundance and unrestrained joy. Then, I was driven to seeking more of that, more joy, more abundance; it was like an adrenaline rush. At some point, as the the cliffs the Lord led me to became bigger and crazier - cliffs like foster care, working for the church, or giving my whole paycheck back, my fear of jumping when He asked was flipped. It flipped to “I don’t want to miss the jump.” Because each time he’d shown up in the smaller things, He’d taught me the goodness of jumping and that I could trust Him when he asked for my faith.

The other thing I would say is about buying the field. It’s that parable where Jesus talks about the Kingdom of Heaven being like a treasure buried in a field. A man found it, reburied it, went back and sold everything to go buy the field. And for our family, the Lord has called us to several major things over the years, including giving my paycheck, which on our income, has actual consequences to consider like: how we will buy groceries or cutting out date nights or being careful about how much gas we put in our cars. Usually, at some point, when I am testing it in prayer or weighing it with Scripture, the phrase “this is buying the field” comes up. And the thing that stands out from the parable is not just that the man bought the field, but the crux of it is that in order to buy the field, he sold everything else. That’s what following the Lord is - selling what you have to buy the field, and I agree with you, we don’t do it perfectly. But I want to buy the field. Whatever buying the field looks like, that’s what I want to do.”

We serve a faithful God. A God who spares nothing, not even his own Son, to demonstrate his love for us and to show us in real, tangible ways what his Kingdom looks like on earth. And then, he doesn’t just show us His kingdom, He invites us in. He wants us to join Him, to participate. Once we enter, we turn and invite others into his good Kingdom. We believe that the Launch campaign and that this new building is a demonstration of our faith and trust that God will expand his Kingdom on earth and we have a part to play.


We hear the Lord’s compassionate, encouraging whisper: “Jump.”


We believe there is treasure in that field.


Matt and Rachel Clarke are members of Normandy Church, parents to children and adventurers with Jesus. 

Matt and Rachel Clarke are members of Normandy Church, parents to children and adventurers with Jesus.