More of Him. Less of us.

Forerunner is a mentoring program based in the Lake Highlands area of Dallas that changes lives through investing in a relationship with a young man from a father-absent home. Forerunner does this through mentoring, equipping, and serving the families. Forerunner is an organization that Normandy believes in and supports. Below, Adam Crouch shares what Forerunner has taught him. Normandy will be serving the Forerunner Families on March 25th - register to volunteer here.

When I joined Forerunner in 2015, I thought I was well equipped to positively impact the life of a young boy.

I had experience in mentoring. I had worked with kids on a number of occasions. I believed that Jesus loves these kids. I checked all the boxes.


But everything changed when I met Chitivias.

First, there was silence, followed by awkwardness. Then he finally opened up by trying to convince me he was born and raised in Greece (Garza quickly confirmed that he is not).


I wasn’t seeing progress in our relationship, and many times I felt helpless and inadequate as a mentor.

Why were things not going smoothly? What was I doing wrong?

I am an engineer. I like to fix things. Unfortunately, there was not a secret formula or technique to unlocking him (outside of video games and Wing Stop).


Instead of imparting wisdom on my mentee, it was clear that God wanted to teach me a few things.

Here’s what I’ve learned in my time with Chitivias:
1. It is not my job to bring about change in him – or anyone. I am simply investing in his life, tossing seeds, and trusting that Jesus will bring about the transformation. This removed any pressure I felt.

2. Be patient. I’ve never used the adjective “patient” when describing myself, but God is using
Forerunner to impart this discipline within me.

3. God is faithful. He has been showing me more and more fruit in my relationship with Chitivias
lately. More joy when we are together. Better conversations when we communicate. There’s a
real and growing friendship.

I don’t know what type of man Chitivias will grow up to be one day. I don’t know if he’ll look back on our time together favorably. I honestly don’t know if he’ll be genuinely excited to see me this weekend.

But I do know that God is moving, in his life and in the lives of many of these kids. Teaching them; teaching us. And growing us all.

At the heart of this program is the family dinner. It’s an opportunity to surround these kids and their families with positivity. They get to see that there is a community surrounding them that cares for them, advocates for them, and that enjoys spending time with them.
As Zach always says, “More of Him. Less of us!” We just show up. God takes care of the rest.

Come join us as our Normandy family serves Forerunner families at the Family Dinner March 25. Register to volunteer here

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If you are interested in partnering with Forerunner, there will be an interest meeting on 4/15/18 from 2-3:30pm where you can learn about different ways in which you can serve Forerunner.