Hearing God | Resources

Hey Everyone: 
I am very excited about walking through "Hearing God." I wanted to put some resources into your hands (or ears, rather) that will hopefully stir your faith, awaken your heart, and cause you to have an expectation to hear God's voice. 

The first three are from the Convergence Conference at Bridgeway Church, in Oklahoma. You can find a link to the podcasts here

Matt Chandler
He is a new and upcoming pastor (ha) and he preached on The Word & Wonders. You can listen to the podcast here or view the video here

Jack Deere
I have always heard about Jack Deere but never listened to or read his work (thanks to Kam Neal for sending these over). He is (in)famous for being a DTS professor who was rather surprised by the Holy Spirit. You can find his story and book here. He had two teachings that were faith stirring: 

The Privilege & the Power of Hearing God

The Spiritual Gift of Prophecy

John Wimber
Finally I wanted to leave you with one of my heroes, John Wimber. He is winsome, charming and all out hilarious (on Jason Clarke's level). Here is what Sam Storms, the pastor at Bridgeway, had to say about him. His story and testimony is down to earth and flat out encouraging. It is worth listening to: