Missions Highlight: The Sorrows & CHBC

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We are excited to bring you Normandy’s Missions Highlight for December! Our missions giving goes to like-minded organizations that are committed to seeing the Kingdom of God advanced through the preaching of the gospel and the care for the modern-day orphan and widow locally, across the US and internationally.

We want our body to know more about how we use their gifts. We believe that sharing what God is doing through the organizations we support financially will achieve that goal.

This month, we are excited to tell you more about what the Sorrows are up to!

Joshua and Sara Sorrows have a very special place in Normandy’s heart because they helped plant our church! They have since gone on to Crow Hill Bible Church, which exists to find the lost and restore the broken in Christ. They do that through reproducing churches, reproducing leaders, engaging their community, and sharing the gospel locally and globally. CHBC and the Sorrows are doing incredible things to further the Kingdom, and some of it is thanks to YOUR giving! Check out our interview with them below to learn more about all the incredible things God is doing through this ministry that we are partnered with financially and spiritually. 


What is your favorite thing about your organization/mission? 

o   Ministry is hard. So, we have been intentional about having fun while doing ministry. My favorite thing about our organization is that we are intentional about having fun while doing God’s work.


What is something amazing you’ve seen God do through your work over the past 6 months? 

o   There are two things. The first, we recently baptized two kids (ages 15-17) who have struggled with abuse and sexual identity. They have accepted Christ and are growing in their faith. Second, over the past year we have baptized a man who had an affair and his marriage was on the brink of divorce. After accepting Christ, he is serving, his marriage is growing and we are beginning to train him in leadership because he and his family feels a call to church planting.


Can you quantify for us what our giving has gone to specifically? 

o   Your giving has provided Sara and I an opportunity to travel to the Philippines. During our trip, we trained 40 pastors and future church planters to plant churches in the jungles of Mindanao, the southern most island in the Philippines. Their vision is to raise up 800 more leaders this year and eventually plant 20,000 churches in the Philippines and reach 10 unreached people groups with the gospel. Because of Normandy’s generosity and support, Sara and I were able to be a part of that vision. Thank you!

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Is there a service, product, or mission you’ve been able to accomplish or provide because of external giving? If so, what was it? 

o   We were able to travel to the Philippines to train future church planters. Also, this opportunity has opened a door for CHBC to establish a long term relationship with the churches, pastors and people of the Philippines. We are now pursuing a return trip for 2019 to continue the work we began in September of 2018.


What is something your organization is wanting to accomplish over the next 6 months? 

o   We are wanting to begin a LEAD class which would train people in our congregation to make disciples using The Timothy Initiative model (we also used this model in the Philippines). We begin the LEAD class on January 15, 2019. From that initial group, we will identify future church planters and begin a more intensive training for them. 


How can people partner with you in this goal? 

o   The biggest way is through prayer. Prayer for the leadership and staff of CHBC and prayer for God to highlight those individuals that may plant churches. 


Do you have a fundraiser coming up over the next 6 months? Can you share details about that? 

o   In the process of all of this, we are currently raising funds to expand our campus. We hope to break ground on our new facility in January of 2019. Also, if we do return to the Philippines, we will begin raising money for our team to go. If anyone wants to give to CHBC, they can by going to www.chbc.online

Thank you for continuing to partner with us as we support these incredible missions!