Resources on Poverty

Hey Church!

After Zach Garza’s sermon yesterday, we wanted to get you some resources on poverty and some places to support organizations that care for those affected by poverty in our city. As the Apostle Paul said in Galatians 2:10, the apostles asked Paul, “to remember the poor, the very thing I was eager to do”. Here are some ways we can consider the poor.

Framework for Understanding Poverty - Dr. Ruby Payne:


Ruby K. Payne, Ph.D. is the founder of aha! Process and an author, speaker, publisher, and career educator. Recognized internationally for A Framework for Understanding Poverty, her foundational book and workshop, Dr. Ruby Payne has helped students and adults of all economic backgrounds achieve academic, professional, and personal success.

As an expert on the mindsets of economic classes and overcoming the hurdles of poverty, she has trained hundreds of thousands of professionals, from educators and school administrators to community, church, and business leaders.

You can purchase Dr. Payne's book here and learn more about her work here.

Forerunner Mentoring


We would be remiss if we did not mention Zach Garza’s organization, Forerunner Mentoring. The heart is to break the cycle of fatherlessness one boy at a time. The mission is to invest and to love in hopes of transforming the young men that come to Forerunner. They actively serve through after school programs, mentoring, and serving the single mother. You can see a video and get more information here.

Austin Street Center

Another friend of ours, Daniel Roby, is the executive director of Austin Street Center. For over 30 years, Austin Street Center has specialized in caring for the most vulnerable homeless men and women in Dallas. Beyond meeting basic needs, Austin Street is committed to individualized care for each person who comes to us for help. You can see a video for more info here.

Hand to Mouth: Living in Bootstrap America - Linda Tirado


In this article on, taken from Tirado’s book Hand to Mouth, explores what is often hard for us to understand, why poor people seem to make such bad choices that keep them in poverty. You can read more about her book here.

Seek the Peace

One of the most vulnerable group of people in our society is the refugee. Seek the Peace, run by Jason and Tess Clarke, is a community peacemakers, working to restore what conflict has undone and prevent future violence by equipping refugees to become leaders for peace at home and abroad. They do this through advocacy and relationships. You can support Seek by purchasing either a shirt or candle here or by volunteering here.