February - All About Jesus

Church Family: 
Hope this blog finds you incredible. I am writing to communicate a few things we have going on during the month of February. As I write I want to have you thinking about two things. 
First - our rallying cry - The Kingdom of the Heavens is here and now! His will, His presence, and His power is available to us. My heart is that we seek it with our whole heart. 
Second - our world. I have said this several times over the last few months, but the time we live in is electric with activity, drama and controversies. There seems to be both a spirit of offense (I'm offended!) and a spirit of condemnation (you are wrong and I borderline hate you!) that is stirring up our nation. Neither of which have any place in the Kingdom of the Heavens. 
With that in mind February is going to be all about Jesus. He told us that our world would offer us many trials (John 16:33) and many things to be anxious about (Matthew 6:25-34). With trials and anxieties, and in light of the spirit of offense and condemnation floating around our atmosphere, we are not to focus on that, but rather we are to seek first the kingdom of God (Matthew 6:33). Jesus promised that if we did that all these things, the things we need and the things our world needs will be added unto you. 
So we are going to preach about the King! We are going to worship Him and remove things that will keep us from knowing Him and savoring Him. Here is what is coming down the pipes:

February 5th - Humble King - Jerry Williams
February 12th - Shepherd King - John Bower (plus a little Potluck!)
February 19th - Holy King - John Bower
February 26th - Savior King - Mark Heger 

Fasting + Worship
February 13th - 17th - Social Media Fast
February 19th @ 6 PM - February 20th @ 6 PM - Food/Daniel Fast
February 24th - Worship Night - at Scofield (more details to come) 
Social Media Fast - most of the condemnation and offense seems to be brewing online. So we are going to take 5 days to STOP IT! And then turn our hearts affection and minds attention on Him. DesiringGod had a great post about turning off social media and praying. You can find it here
Food Fast - Jesus said to do it (Matthew 6:16). Jesus said we live off of more than bread (Matthew 4:4). Fasting is so helpful to kill our flesh so that His Spirit can rule our hearts (Romans 8:12-13). We wrote a blog that has some practicals when fasting and the "why" of fasting. 
Worship Night - Right now we are planning to host a worship night at Scofield. We will keep you posted, but go ahead a mark your calendars for February 24th. That night we will enter in to His presence and minster to Him through thanksgiving, praise and worship. 
What a Beautiful Name. This song about sums it up. 

The peace of Christ upon you!
Pastor John