A Building DTR: From Maybe to Probably

Sup, Church?

Last Sunday Jerry gave us an update on the building. You can listen more to his announcement on the sermon podcast here: http://normandychurch.com/sermons/2017/12/3/advent-i

Here are a few quick points: 
- The land option is transitioning from a maybe to a probably.
- We need space primarily because of our growth in kids. If all the kids showed up on Sunday we would have 73 kids! 
- We have looked at 20 options in Lake Highlands (private/public schools, other churches, retail spaces, etc).
- The elders feel called to be located in Lake Highlands.
- Currently, we are in the option period on the land. Patrick Tam, Jackson Thomas, Bryan Larson, Miles (Davis - just kidding) Durham and Jerry Williams have been looking into preliminary design, finances, feasibility of the land, etc. 
- Justus and John met with Scofield to explore adding a second service to deal with immediate needs for our children 

All in all, this looks like a very real, viable option for us as a church. The elders feel peace about where we are in the process. As the plan develops, we hope to outline a soft plan for how this will work (numbers, time-frame, what to do in the mean time, etc). We covet your prayers during this time. If you have further questions, please email questions@normandychurch.com 

Pastor J