Update on Giving Sunday

Church Family: 
Breaking news! This Sunday we were planing on having a giving Sunday for the building at 9090 Skillman. We are postponing for two reasons: 

1. Our Values - one of the main things we value is unity and peace. Over the last few days we've had several questions from the body regarding the finances, the plan moving forward if we don't raise the desired amount and questions of whether this is indeed the only and best option. Overall, we've felt excitement from the church, just a measure of questions and a lack of clarity. Therefore, we are going to pause the giving Sunday. 

2. Another Option - On Wednesday night when we started the fast, I received a call about another option for us as a church. In between 9090 Skillman and this option, the elders and I are very excited to see what God does. 

We are still going have our lunch on Sunday - which the church is providing. PLEASE REGISTER FOR LUNCH! We will use this time to answer the questions about 9090 Skillman and present the second option to you all. 

Thank you for your flexibility and grace. I am excited to be with you on Sunday.