Fasting Prayer Points

Hey Everyone:
We are fasting this week for the building! We want every person in our church to participate in this fast. We don’t care if it is for every meal or for one meal. We want you to fast!
We want to position our hearts to hear from the Lord on this building endeavor. It is so exciting I can’t stand it! I am not sure what God is going to do, but I am excited to see the results. It is going to be great!  Here are a few things we are fasting for:

Direction - Fasting is a great way to position our hearts to hear from God (2 Chronicles 20)

Power - Jesus fasted for 40 days and came out with power and authority - have you seen our world? We need the gracious power of the Holy Spirit!

If you need some resources on fasting look here and here.

November 1st - Evening
Matthew 7:7-11 - Ask the Lord to give us all that we need to move into the building

November 2nd - Morning
James 1:5 - Ask the Lord for wisdom on how to best proceed with the building

November 2nd - Noon
Matthew 6:9 - Ask that God's kingdom becomes more and more apparent in our midst

November 2nd - Evening
Exodus 35:21; 2 Corinthians 9:7 - Ask the Lord would stir the hearts of our church and that we would giving willingly and not under compulsion  

November 3rd - Morning
1 Timothy 6:9; 1 John 2:15 - Ask the Lord that we would not give into the love of money or of the world

November 3rd - Noon
Malachi 3:10 - Ask the Lord to open up the heavens and pour out His blessing on us!