Building Fund Garage Sale

September 10 | the Crouch’s driveway at 9304 Liptonshire Drive | 8 a.m.
October Garage Sale, Date TBD | the Kaserman’s driveway at 5510 Ridgedale Ave.

All proceeds will go to the building fund!

You can either drop your items off the Friday before in our garage or come Saturday morning by 8:30 a.m. We will need at least 4 volunteers to stick around and help.

To make things go more smoothly:
+   Try and have most of your items priced with a sticker. (t-shirts, shoes, toys, etc will be assigned a default price)
+   Make sure we have your contact information in case we need it.
+   You need to pick up your items that didn’t sell by 2 p.m. or they will be donated.

If you have questions or want to volunteer, contact Lindsey Crouch 214-830-5118 or Michelle Kaserman 214-364-0405

This event will be a great opportunity to raise funds for the building, enjoy community together, and share the heart of Normandy with others!