Four Walls

Hi family,
As you heard on Sunday, we were approved to move into 9660 Audelia, Ste 228! John Kaserman made a great point on Sunday; we submitted interest in this space and heard nothing for months. After we gathered as a body, prayed, reached out to the neighbors, and stepped out in faith, God moved. Hopefully this alone will encourage your faith to know God is listening!
A few months back, the building team marked off a block in Lake Highlands on map and said, “This is where we want to be. Within these parameters.” They also had a financial number in mind, knowing our limits but also considering growth. 9660 Audelia is right in the middle of where we were looking for real estate. Taking into consideration the rent, the location, what is being developed, the agreement is a great deal both for our church and the owners of the building. It is going to be a push, but we hope we can get into the building by this fall! Come on! Let's praise God for His faithfulness.

Coming up:
 - Very soon, we will have a pledge campaign to gauge how much our church family can support the rent, demolition, build out, & supplies to furnish. Please prayerfully consider how much you would be willing to give over the next two years.
 - We will post another update soon with the strategic plan to fund this project. 
 - When we sign the lease, we will quickly be asking our church to help in the demolition to prep for professionals to come in to do their respective work.
 - Community groups will be assigned a building team point person for questions. Stay tuned for those. SIDENOTE: As a staff, we are so thankful for the people lending their expertise and their willingness to explain the details to our church. If you are one of those people, THANK YOU!!

Normandy needs a new building for very practical reasons. We are growing and space is crunched on Sundays. The kids are about to outnumber the adults and could potentially throw a coup d’état. Scofield has given us a timeline and the sand is running out of the clock. Having said that, as a staff, we need our church family to view this through a spiritual lens as well. As stated above, God is answering prayers and providing very specifically. In the new building, there will be space for about 150 more people in the sanctuary. Our church has room to double in size! We will be able to hold classes, trainings, small groups WHENEVER WE WANT! This is currently not the case! Our ability to disciple people, coach our leaders, and reach the community will stretch tremendously. Based on how we feel God is leading us, we will start businesses, creating revenue to cover costs & support entrepreneurs in our body and in our community. Normandy Church will enrich the neighborhood and bless people of all ages, races, income levels, sexual orientations, and lifestyles for the fame of His name. It’s four walls we are pursuing and what we will do within those walls will, God allowing, ripple into eternity.

Stay tuned for a financial update soon!

Love you, church!

Normandy Staff & Building Team