Men's Ministry

We are excited to announce that Jason Alley, Chris Avary, Matt Clarke and Adam Crouch are going to be heading up Men's Ministry in 2016. Here is some vision for what the men will be doing!

Normandy Family - 

March begins the implementation of a new ministry for our church. A men’s ministry. MENistry, if you will. 

We are envisioning several specific events for the ministry, some recurring and consistent, others regular but less frequent. However, all are intended to bring the men of Normandy together to strengthen our bonds, encourage our hearts, sharpen our gifts, and help us rise up into the unique identities that The Lord has created for us and into the good works which he has planned for us.

As Men, Rise.

As a group, we believe that passivity destroys the advancement of the Kingdom, stifles the growth of our hearts in Christ, and prevents people from walking together in intentional, purposeful, and authentic relationship. The only response, then is activity. We must actively seek ways in which we can push through barriers of comfort, stability, and stagnation to ultimately rise so that we may become the men The Lord has created us to be. The following four facets of men's ministry are weapons that rise up against the comfort and passivity which can destroy our heart's desire for The One who created us.

First - Monthly Men's Prayer Night (MPN)

What this will look like: MPN will happen on the third Thursday of each month, beginning on March 17th, from 8-10pm. As we begin, Forerunner Mentoring and Zach Garza have graciously offered to allow us to use their offices for the time being.

Vision Behind Men's Prayer Night: To provide a consistent, scheduled time and place for men to meet and pray for each other, our church, our families, our relationships, and to bring the comfort and healing to each other in order to do the work to which God calls us in all the places to which He leads us, and with the people to whom He invites us into relationship. Meeting together in community to pray, worship, and encourage each other will help us rise in ways that will strengthen Normandy as a church and as a family. In addition, such challenging time together will no doubt overflow into our families and relationships, through discipleship and work.


Second: Men's Retreat   

What this will look like: We are planning a retreat event and will be moving through the planning process this Spring and will release details as they become available.

Vision Behind a Men's Retreat:The purpose of retreat is to set aside a time during the year for all the men of the church to gather, likely over a weekend, in order to be in community together, be filled spiritually through sharing experiences, and pressing into our personal relationships with Christ through prayer, scripture, and worship.

Third: Men's Ministry Nights

What this will look like: Similar to the women's brunches, Men's Ministry Nights will combine the social and the spiritual.

Vision Behind Ministry Nights: As men we want to pursue the elements of prayer, encouragement, and building one another up into the men, husbands, fathers, friends, brothers, and workers that will make disciples, restore relationships, heal brokenness, and push each other deeper into greater obedience to The Lord while calling others into relationship with Christ.

Fourth: Social Softball

What this will look like:

This Spring, Normandy is gathering men to play on a softball team in Richardson's municipal league. Games will be Wednesday evenings between 6:30-9:30pm beginning on the 30th of March. Possibly other events and/or activities will rotate in as others end.

Vision Behind Social Softball: The value of socializing together is to engage in community activities which will help build stronger, more consistent, and more authentic relationships as men, friends, and brothers. 

(And to win. We also want to win...)

We believe that setting aside time consistently to meet and pray, socialize and worship, retreat and be renewed will help the MENistry begin generating the types of change and growth The Lord has for us as individuals and as many valuable parts of The Body of Christ.

Jason, Chris, Matt & Adam