Harvest America

Hey Normandy!

Harvest America is coming to Dallas this Sunday. Harvest America is a Gospel crusade, lead by Pastor Greg Laurie, that sees thousands of people come to know Jesus each year.

I've been meeting with people from their team and one thing is obvious...they are crazy.  The team members have a burning passion to see people come to know Jesus Christ.  They create events that attract people who wouldn't call themselves Christians by bring in entertainers all walks of life can enjoy.  Over the years they have really come up with a great evangelistic process with one exception. 

Harvest let me know that only 20% of the churches coming to their events are willing to follow up with the converts to see them discipled.  I had a few feelings and one thought that hit me as I heard this:  "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?"  Of all the churches that are bringing people to a Harvest Crusade, only 20% are attempting to disciple the new Christians!  This is in our wheel house! Normandy... make disciples... take the land! I believe we can help make disciples of those who are saved this weekend.

So I am writing to encourage our church to get ready. This is a year to rise!  Are you ready to take the great commission as a commandment instead of a suggestion?  I volunteered Normandy Church to become a follow-up church this year, specifically for those who are accept Christ that are coming from the Lake Highlands area.  I am excited! Get ready church, it's time to RISE.  

Justus Murimi

Youth Pastor