Leadership at Normandy

Hey All:

I wanted to communicate something that is happening behind the scenes here at Normandy in regards to leadership. Right now, we are walking with a total of twelve men in what we are calling leadership development. We are meeting early Tuesday mornings and are reading, praying, and seeking The Lord together. As church leaders, we are looking to see who the Holy Spirit might highlight to be the next elder(s).

When Joshua Sorrows and his family left for Crow Hill Bible in Colorado, Normandy was left with two elders - John Kaserman and myself. There is no clear Biblical prescription for how many elders should help lead a church. However, knowing we desire more than two and knowing Joshua would eventually leave, in the Summer of 2015 we began to pray and dream about who next elder would be. At our vision retreat in November of 2015 we identified some potential men, defined and then initiated a plan.

The vision for our time with these men is that they would rise! That through the Holy Spirit, these men would rise into whatever role He has for them (community group leader or coach, deacon, elder, or church planter). We hope that we leave this time with a unified, shepherd's heart as we all submit, live, and carry the vision God has given Normandy.

Practically, we are reading a lot, discussing the vision, values, and theology of Normandy, praying, confessing, and worshiping together. This initial push will be for ten weeks. During and after that time, we are all going to prayerfully consider how to move forward.

We are intentionally going slow because as the leadership goes, so will the church. We've had much encouragement to take this journey a day at a time. I would hope that the next elder(s) would be installed near the Fall. Before we get to that stage, we will start to involve the whole church body in the process. So we ask you all to pray for us and ask the Holy Spirit to lead us to the next elder(s) (Acts 20:28).

The final note I want to share with you is one of honor. During this season of having two elder families, John and Michelle Kaserman have given their all to help carry the load of leading a church. They have sacrificed time, effort, money all to help see the Kingdom of Heaven advance in our midst. Our church has been massively blessed by them. Personally, Kasey and I would not be standing without a couple like John and Michelle. Please join me in honoring and blessing them!

We love you guys.