Building Update

Hey Family,
This past Sunday John Kaserman, Joshua Flynt and I announced the news that we terminated the lease on 9660 Audelia on Wednesday the 30th. After a busy 7 months of work and prayer, the building simply didn't work out for us. As we processed the decision the day after, John, Joshua and our team knew we made the right decision. 
Going into the last day of our option period, our team was hopeful the ownership would give us some concession to help cover the cost of rehabbing the space. Additionally, we believed we were going to sign an extension of the option period. However, at 3:30 we found out the ownership changed its mind on the option period. They informed us we would need to decide and they graciously offered to give us all of our option money back. 
As John and I processed with Dane, we made the decision based off of two factors: 
1) All of us were unified - we didn't have peace about moving forward
2) Prior to this moment, we decided we would NOT move forward unless we had all the money for construction cost. Without any concession money, there were too many variables that could have hurt us financially and we were unwilling to do that. 
So! Onward! We are currently preparing our next course of action and I am excited to see what surprise the LORD has for us. I believe what felt like a disappointment is going to turn into one of our greatest testimonies. 
If you were not at church on Sunday, please give a listen to the first part of the sermon for additional information. 

Pastor John