Resources on The Gifts

Hey Church Family!

I am very excited about this Sunday. I will be preaching on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Whether the gifts are a completely new topic for you or you have been walking in them for years, my heart is that you would leave Sunday eagerly desiring the greater gifts. 

What I am most excited about is my brother Mark Bower will be there on Sunday. Aside from being a man gifted in the prophetic, I will be excited to minister along side him. Mark is coming so we can do the stuff. John Wimber famously said he wanted to be "doing the stuff". So this Sunday will be a chance for you to "do the stuff!"

In preparation for this Sunday I wanted to put some resources in your hands: 
Overview of the gifts
Resources on the gifts
John Bower | Tongues
John Bower |  The Gift of Prophecy
Joshua Sorrows | Prophecy for our Encouragement and Comfort
Michael Miller | Upper Room | Tongues
John Wimber |  Spiritual Gifts Part 1,  Spiritual Gifts Part 2Spiritual Gifts Part 3

Also in preparation for Sunday you can take a Spiritual Gifting assessment. It is a great way to begin to figure out what gifts God has given you! Additionally we love StrengthsFinder and believe it is also a tool to figure out how God has designed you. 

Finally, you can check out this book, The Beginners Guide to Spiritual Gifts by Sam Storms as a resource to help learn and grow into the spiritual gifts. 

Come expectant for God to move!

Pastor John