Relational Needs

Dear Church: 

Yesterday I started to preach on the mantle of our church. That is a fancy way of saying, "this is our philosophy of ministry".  And even that sounds very churchy. I want you all to know together with this past Sunday, the next two Sundays I am going to attempt to communicate the heartbeat of our church. We believe God created and designed us with relational needs that can only be met in the context of relationship with God and other people. 

During the sermon I asked our church to do two things this week:
1. Take the Relational Needs Test (there is one for couples and singles). Bring your answers to church this Sunday - it will help inform you on the sermon this week. 
2. Share the sermon with someone from our church who wasn't there. Unity is a hard thing to build and maintain. And since we (the elders, the staff) believe this is the heartbeat of our church, we want everyone to know and understand our heartbeat!

Love you guys!

See you next Sunday. 


PS - all of these resources we learned and obtained from our friends at Center for Relational Care and Intimate Life Ministries.