Normandy Kids

Church Family:

Scofield has graciously allowed us to meet and join nursery teams on Sunday mornings for the last 6 months. Moving forward, they are asking that we match our volunteer numbers to theirs in order to be compliant with their insurance policies. In a lot of ways they have been carrying our burden. It is time for us to support and serve!

Because of this, we are looking for at least 20 more Normandy Kids volunteers starting September 13th! We currently have 7 volunteers each Sunday and need to bump to 12. We are also growing in our elementary age classes and will be starting our Normandy School class starting September 13th. If we are not able to get more volunteers in each classroom, then our kiddos will be joining us in service.

We need you! If you are a parent to a child who participates in the Sunday morning nursery, we are asking both parents to serve. If you are serving in another capacity with us at Normandy, we are asking that you serve with our KIDS as well. This is not a burden, but rather an opportunity to serve and disciple the next generation.

If you are ready to volunteer email me at:

Thank you!


PS - Don't forget our Volunteer Training Day on September 26th