Ann Arbor & Detriot


I am excited to announce that Normandy is taking a mission trip to Detroit, MI this September 17-20th to partner with Antioch Ann Arbor. Jordan and Christy Ogden planted Antioch Ann Arbor in August of 2013 with the vision of equipping disciples to make disciples in Ann Arbor, Detroit, and the nations.  Jordan was previously the pastor of Antioch Dallas and was one of the strongest supporters for the formation and launch of Normandy.

Our three-day trip to Detroit will give us the opportunity to serve the local community, share the gospel in Detroit and at the University of Michigan, and provide care for the leaders of Antioch Ann Arbor.

Jordan and the team at Antioch Ann Arbor have been working in downtown Detroit to help rehabilitate a poverty-stricken neighborhood. They have assisted local leaders in restoring homes and buildings as well as bringing awareness to the needs of the community.  On Friday, we will have the opportunity to go serve this community and provide some muscle for some of the local projects they are working on.  This area has a high Muslim population so we will also have the chance to engage families that are largely unengaged by the Christian community.  

Part of Antioch Ann Arbor’s vision is to bring the Kingdom of God to the University of Michigan by building relationships and sharing the gospel with the students.  With the excitement around the football program and a high profile first-year coach, we timed our trip so that we will be on campus on game day and share the gospel with students before the game and throughout the day.  Our hope is that these students will find the joy that is better and more fulfilling than any football game or a fraternity party.

Lastly, we want to serve the leaders of Antioch Ann Arbor by caring for their small group leaders.  On Sunday morning, we’ll spend time praying for the church’s leaders and serving them in whatever way possible.  And, Pastor Bower will wrap things up with the best sermon he has ever preached.

I am so excited about this trip because I have experienced the joy of the Lord, encountered his presence, and seen God show the lost how wonderful he is on every mission trip I’ve been on.  So save the date and don’t miss this trip!

Reach out to me if you have some interest in going. Here are some FAQ's!

John Kaserman