Our Upcoming Series: The Gifts

Normandy Family: 

Throughout this January and February I have been reading 1 & 2 Timothy just about everyday. The two books are two letters from a spiritual father to his spiritual son. Paul is instructing him on what to do in the church and also encouraging him in his work as a leader of a young church. At the beginning of both letters Paul reminds Timothy "wage the good warfare" with the prophetic word spoken over him (1 Timothy 1:18). Then in 2 Timothy 1:6 Paul tells his young disciple to "fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands".

During my time in Mongolia, as I was away from my normal life, it seemed that God was using this letter to remind me of gifts He gave me over the years in a very similar fashion. Not only was I reminded of these gifts during time with Jesus in the morning, but also in our ministry with the Mongolian people. We were able to both spiritually and emotionally take care of the people we came in contact with. During times of prayer I was getting a variety of prophetic words for people and each of them left that evening greatly encouraged. 

Along with this gracious reminder in Mongolia, God was simultaneously working in me through various books and worksheets on values, vision and mission. So much of it pointed me back to my identity! For us to walk in the purposes of God, it is important to know who He made us to be.  Without knowing our identity, it is very difficult for us to live each day from a place of rest instead of performance. Paul talks about this in 1 Corinthians 12:12-19 in that each person has a part to play in the body of Christ. That means all of us. We believe that all of the spiritual gifts are for today and we desire to equip each member of our body to use the gifts He has graciously given us. 

Therefore, we are going to begin a series entitled, "The Gifts". We are going to take the next 6 weeks to talk through the gifts of the Holy Spirit and we will also take a look at the gifts of God (Romans 12) and the gifts of Christ (Ephesians 4). We have taught on the gifts a handful of times (The Spiritual GiftsProphecy & TestimonyThe Lord your Healer), but we have not dedicated a whole sermon series to it. 

Well - what now? 

We are to desire the gifts because God commands it (1 Corinthians 12:31; 14:1, 39)! That alone would suffice to have sermon series on the gifts. But more than that we really desire to have hearts that are open, available and teachable to all that God has for us. God is drawn to the heart that says "yes". 

Join us as we discuss, clarify, practice and ask for all of the gifts that our loving and sovereign father would give.