The State of Theology

Ligonier is the teaching ministry of R.C. Sproul.  Unfortunately, the survey findings below are not surprising.  However, they do give us further reason to pray, to study, and to engage our culture.  Many theological ideas that have been undisputed for centuries in Christian thought and doctrinal belief are now shifting in our generation.  Below is an interesting, and somewhat alarming, reflection of The State of Theology in America.  Also, if you haven't heard of Ligonier, their resources, sermons, and blog posts are highly recommended.  Below is taken from their website.  You can view the original page here.

It is Ligonier's desire to serve the church in fulfilling the Great Commission. This survey has helped to point out common gaps in theological knowledge and awareness so that Christians might be more effective in the proclamation, teaching, and defense of the essential truths of the Christian faith.

View the infographic, listen to Dr. R.C. Sproul discuss these findings on Renewing Your Mind, or download the official white paper and survey with key findings.  (Click on the image below to view it larger in a separate window.)