Resources for the Fast

Tonight's message from Joshua Sorrows was awesome.  At the end of the sermon he laid out six steps to take to help us get clear vision from the Lord for our lives.  They are listed out below along with links to download the 4 documents that we have been working through as a church throughout January.  If you are looking for something to work though during this fast, we would encourage you to prayerfully complete these worksheets to process in your Community Groups a few weeks from now.  The goal and purpose of this corporate time of fasting is to position our hearts before the Lord in order to hear clearly from Him about our unique callings, gifts, and mission for the year.

Joshua's six steps for us are:

1.  Intentionally spend time seeking the Lord.  Carve out blocks of time throughout your day and week to simply be with Jesus.  Pray.  Fast.  Read.

2.  Journal.  Write out your thoughts, prayers, emotions, scriptures that come to mind or are specifically meaningful to you during this season of life.

3.  Test.  Test your vision against the Word of God.  Does it reflect His truth and His heart for the world?  Test it in community and seek counsel.  Humbly submit what you are sensing from the Lord to trusted people in your life.

4.  Submit.  Don't bother to ask the Lord to reveal His will for your life if you have already predetermined in your heart to say no to it.  He won't reveal anything to you.  (James 1)

5.  Set Priorities.  Discipline yourself around the priorities that the Lord has put before you.  If that is spending time with a person, plan out how to do that and when.  If it is studying, memorizing scripture, leading a Community Group, dating your wife, or making a disciple, it must be planned out if it is going to happen.

6.  Narrow.  Some things have to go.  Remember the quote at the beginning of the video Joshua played?  "If everyone is busy doing everything, how can anyone be good at anything?"  Narrow your relationships.  Narrow your investments, your time, your focus.

The four documents to work through can be downloaded here: