Why Fast?

Why fast?  That is a question that most Christians ask themselves whenever the topic of fasting arises.  John preached on fasting at the beginning of this year and gave a broad overview of the biblical argument for fasting and why it is still an appropriate discipline for Christians to practice today.

Thankfully, we have incredible resources to help us support our understanding of what topics like fasting are all about.  Below is a list of eight sermons from a series entitled A Hunger for God, by John Piper. (Click for the whole series)  Piper's book is also available to download as a free ebook.

1.  Prayer, Fasting, and the Course of History 
The course of history has been changed again and again through the fasting of God's people.

2.  When the Bridegroom Is Taken Away, They Will Fast—With New Wineskins 
We have tasted the wine of Christ's presence by his Spirit and cannot now be satisfied until the consummation of joy arrives.

3.  Man Shall Not Live on Bread Alone 
Fasting is God's testing ground—and healing ground.

4.  Fasting for the Safety of the Little Ones 
Perhaps the Christian church has not used all the spiritual resources available to us in the effort to overcome darkness.

5.  Fasting for the King's Coming 
Shall we long for the Christ less than Anna longed for him?

6.  Fasting for the Father's Reward 
Jesus is not teaching on whether we should fast or not. He assumes we will and teaches us how to do it and especially how not to do it.

7.  A Fast for Waters That Do Not Fail, Part 1 
Beware of substituting religious fervor for righteous living.

8.  A Fast for Waters That Do Not Fail, Part 2 

Let's trust the Great Physician—the Lord, our healer. Let's accept the fast that he has prescribed for us.