Now it is Time for Healing

“Look kindly, Lord, we pray, on the devotion of your people, that those who by self-denial are renewed in mind. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.”

In Luke 5 Jesus is becoming famous. He is so famous it is hard to get into places in which he is speaking. On one occasion, some men were carrying their paralyzed friend, hoping Jesus would heal him. They got to a packed house, and didn’t let the crowd stop them. In one of the craziest scenes in the New Testament, these men dig a hole through the roof and lower their friend to Jesus, knowing he was better off close to Jesus than any where else. It was not in their best interest to climb a strange house and start digging up the roof, instead these men were denying themselves and thinking only of their friend and Jesus. Surely their reputations would be ruined. Surely people would call them crazy.

Jesus forgives the sins of their friend because of their faith. Not only that, he heals this man. Through self-denial, transformation takes place. Are parts of my heart paralyzed? Do I need to deny myself so they may be transformed? Absolutely. My debt has been scattered like ashes on the wind, and now it is time for healing.

Prayer points  //  Pray that your desire is just to be close to Jesus. Pray for healing in your life, both physical and spiritual. Pray God uses your self-denial to bring about transformation.

Scripture Mediation  //  Luke 5:18-26; Romans 12:1-5