Associate Pastor, Justus

Hey Fam: 

Recently we had the joy of ordaining Justus Murimi as the Associate Pastor here at Normandy. I wanted to add a little clarity to what happened two weeks ago

As an organization we have it in our by-laws to commission, license and ordain people within our church as we feel led. When Justus first started to work with Normandy, it was in a part time basis and we licensed him (meaning he could marry and bury people legally in the state of Texas).  He had a heart for the youth of Lake Highlands, felt called to Normandy and came on to help us fulfill our mission. 

At the end of last year we (staff + elders) began to sense a few things. First, there was a need to shift some roles in the church. As our church grows one of the greatest places of need is in our families. Our church is taking the whole "go forth and multiply" quite literally. 

Secondly, we all began to confirm that Justus is called to a life of ministry. Meaning it was Christ, not Justus, who has called him to this vocation. Think about Ephesians 4. In it there is this great picture of Jesus vanquishing the enemy and plundering his riches. And those riches are people - men and women! As Christ leads out in a victory parade He gives gifts to the church. And these gifts are men and women - apostles, prophets, evangelists, teachers and shepherds - gifts given to the body to equip them for works of ministry. We believe Justus is one such man. And because of that we wanted to publicly affirm his calling and ordain him. 

So now he is our Associate Pastor. He is going to be over our family ministry, both children and youth. His work is going to be more focused during this season. He has been charged to help bring our kids ministry up - creating an irresistible environment for our workers and children. Not only that he will continue to "take the land" by reaching out to the youth of Lake Highlands (and at times be the assistant to my assistant - forgive me one bit of humor). 

So let's rally around him, encourage him, pray for him and thank God for Justus! 

Justus (is for justice) Murimi! 

Justus (is for justice) Murimi!