Opportunities to Serve

Hi Normandy Fam, 
We need help with some service opportunities. Let us know if you would be interested in helping with the following...

Finance Team Admin

Principle function: To assist the Church Finance Team in carrying out its mission by planning, organizing, and administering effective fiscal processes and communication.

Duties are to Assist with:

  • Coordination of human resources, finance, and accounting responsibilities
  • Preparation and printing of reports and handouts for meetings
  • Record Keeping for Expense Management and Tax Reporting
  • Managing email inbox
  • Communication to the Elders and Church through updating church websites and programs, as needed
  • Coordination of money distributed and collected for ministries and events, especially women’s ministry
  • Open, review and route bills to the correct person or group and secure money and in coming checks.
  • Evaluates periodically the insurance needs of the church.
  • Participates in quarterly finance meetings and scheduled committee meetings

Role Requirements:

  • Can maintain discretion and confidentiality as the Church Administrator often works with highly confidential information and conflict situations. 
  • Must demonstrate an ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ through regular prayer, Bible study and worship attendance.

Estimated Time Commitment: 5 Hours / Month

Please reach out to Rachel Clarke if you are interested in this position. rachel.clarke@normandychurch.com

Normandy Kids Captain

Before worker pre-meeting (9:00-10:20)

  • Attend 9:00 meeting with leadership, pick up orange folder from closet

  • Prepare for Kids workers’ pre-meeting

  • Lead 10:00 pre-meeting with workers

Check-in (10:30-11:10)

  • Greet families and check in all kids

During Service (11:10-12:15)

  • Float between classes and support classes and workers where needed

After Service (12:15-12:30)

  • Help workers clean up rooms

  • Turn off all lights and close all doors to classes used

  • Return materials to closet in room 219

  • Complete Captain Recap and put in orange folder along with lessons and check-in sheet

  • Return orange folder to closet

    Please reach out to Sam Harvey if you are interested in becoming a Kids Captain. kids@normandychurch.com

Wrecked Rides

Once a month, we open up the youth group for kids to invite friends.  This makes for a large group of kids that usually need a ride home.  What are the requirements?  You need a car and a heart to serve your neighbor.  Our Bible study meets at the Thomson's house and ends at roughly 9pm.  Depending on number of kids and number of drivers, you might take one car load or have to swing back by and pick up a second.  It will most likely take less than an hour of your time.  Most of the kids live in the Lake Highlands neighborhood, but we do have a few that live further out.  It's a great opportunity to serve, get to know some really cool kids and if you come early, you can get a peak at what Normandy Youth is all about. (Oh! and a bonus. . .Justus, Dane and Christy will think you are AWESOME!)