Unity and Peace - Building Edition

Hi family,

This week, the building team had a meeting to share updates, status reports, and just touch base. The meeting was lead by our new Project Manager, Joshua Flynt. Joshua was an Executive Pastor in Norman, Oklahoma at Antioch Church. He oversaw the purchase and rehabilitation of their building. Josh will be reporting to the elders and spearheading the full process; or as Rachel Clarke would say: “All the things.”

We have a full team of experts leading the charge.
Leasing | Dane Thomson has a couple decades worth of experience in commercial real estate. He is crossing the T’s and dotting the LOI’s for us.
Design | Michael Gooden is graciously using his incredible architecture skills to design our new space. He has done the same for multiple churches. He also has a laser.
Rehabilitation | Jesse Benavides has been charged with heading up the rehabilitation of the new space. In the real world he oversees construction on multifamily projects across Texas.
Finances | Jackson Thomas, Jordan Adams, & Patrick Tam
This dream team has run all the numbers and have positioned us a church to be very wise in our decision making.
Fundraising | Mandi Killough and her soon to be born babe are advising us on how to best raise funds to support the build out of the space. She professionally consults non-profits and churches to do the same.
Communications | Rachel Chester will be communicating, hopefully well. She wrote this. 

We are asking the church to come together again to pray for unity and peace among the elders, the building team as well as our whole church family. There are many people involved in this process so please pray for God to bless the work of our hands. We are waiting to give the church a financial update because we are still waiting to get bids to finish out the space. Because discernment is crucial and information can be overwhelming, as a team, we want to make sure to communicate appropriately and accurately. Joshua Flynt reminded us all that money can bring up some difficult heart issues. When you combine money with the church, it is important to guard our hearts and walk humbly. Like Jesus said, where your treasure is, there will be your heart as well (Matthew 6:21). Understand that this new venture and season could root up some issues personally and as a body. Joshua reminded us this week that we should have fun! If the numbers don’t make sense and we don’t move forward with this building, God has something else in mind for us. Something better. It's not our money any way and God will do what He wants - and He always does what is good!