Kids Resource

Hi Normandy Family!

Recently, Faithlife (a provider of electronic tools and resources for Bible study) announced a project they have started that will provide a great resource for families. They have begun to create Bible Sounds - an animated album of 10 music videos for kids that are theologically sound and rooted in the gospel. Some of these songs have been completed, but some are still in the works. You can check out clips of the completed ones here and find more information and clips on Faithlife’s website. They are fun, cute, and different from other songs I have heard!

On their website, they give the heart behind the product:

Some Christian kids cartoons are focused on moralizing. We're making something different. And we need your help. Help us make a show that is focused on Bible literacy, the gospel of Jesus, and the kingdom of God.”

This could be a great resource that you can use to lead your families.

Sam Harvey

Normandy Church Kids Director