Building Update

Hey Normandy Family:

During our church wide fast at the beginning of the year, we asked God to give us a new space to meet - specifically the building in the picture above. Well... we asked and yet we are still here at Scofield and the building is still vacant.

This past week in staff meeting we began to discuss what to do next and I wanted to communicate a few things we believe is happening.

1. God said move - We began to sense it was time to move at the end of 2014. (It is 2016!) One of the first things we did was move our church service to the mornings for our families. We did this because we believed it was the first step to getting our own space. Additionally, as elders, we felt released to pursue a new location at several points of 2015. Then our circumstances start to help lead us out the door. We have lots of young kids and so does Scofield! Soon there won't be enough room for all the children. Which means...

2. We need to move - Scofield has been so gracious to us. They have accommodated just about everything we've needed and requested. And yet, it is time to go. They have carried our burdens long enough. In essence it is time to move out of mom and dad's basement. It is time to "rise". 

3. We need to bless Scofield - They have served us, blessed us, been patience with us, and housed us for around 2 years. Pastor Jeff, Pastor Jim, Gayla, Saul and the rest of their family have been servants. As we ask God for a new space, I want us to think and pray about how we can bless their church family. 

4. We are asking God to give this location at 9660 Audelia, Suite 228, Dallas, TX 75238 - How is that for specific? This may or not be the place for us, but it is what we want. I have found that praying about something specific is often a great way to figure out God's leading. As we pray I believe God will lead us. And it is time to seriously pray about this! 

In Matthew 7, Jesus said to ask, seek and knock. He said to ask and keep on asking. In Luke 18 Jesus told us to be like a persistent widow and not give up. Dane Thomson has graciously and persistently pursued this location.  The owner has been gracious but doesn't want a church in their location. Church's normally are not a blessing, but a burden. As a business owner, they are making a prudent decision. Therefore we need to pray and not give up. All of the land is God's (Psalm 24:1), including this place. So we want to ask our Father until He completely shuts the door or till we move in. I am asking for you to (rise!) pray, to walk the land, to wait on the LORD and get words, promises and pictures about this location. We are going to schedule times of prayer till we figure out as a family what God is doing.

5. The Vision - The owners are right... most churches are hard to work with, want everything for free and end up being a burden on landlords. And yet our vision is to do just the opposite of that! Wherever we end up, God wants us to work for the good of those around us (Jeremiah 29:7). We want to have a building that will not only be open on Sunday mornings, but will bring healthy activity 7 days a week. Michael Gooden very generously designed a layout for us to show some of our vision and heart. Our hope is to create a co-working space so that many of our designers, our artists, and non-profit leaders can work there. Not only that we would love to have a coffee shop that would benefit to the neighborhood. In the design above we include a prayer room that would have 24 hour access and would increase intercession in our church.

So our vision isn't simply to get our own space. Our vision is to take the land and then bless the land. Not only that we believe (or "I have to believe" as Rita Springer once said) that God called us to rise! It is time for us to move from a lower position to a higher one. And that includes us rising up out of Scofield and moving into a new space. They way we rise is by falling on our face and asking God to move! It will also require faith - heck just posting this blog is an act of faith.

So Normandy - will you rise in prayer with me?

Hey God!

Pastor J.